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My name is Artur, I come from Poland and I live in Jaworzno. I was born when Mike Oldfield began recording session of a project called "Tubular Bells". Yeees ... This was autumn 1972

At age 20, I began studying geology at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Silesia in Sosnowiec.
At that time, accounted for the premiere of "Tubular Bells II" and the memorable concert in TVP (polish TV) - in retrospect, one might say that it is obligatory album just in time for beginners. ... That's how it all began.

25.07.1999 in Katowice was the only one so far Mike Oldfield concert in Poland, unfortunately I could not be ... but from then on I began to collect works of the Master looking beyond its basic make.

This website created with sympathy for creativity of Mike Oldfield and in order to better communicate with fans.
I posted here my collection, and publications that willingly I would see in my collection.

In addition oldfield fascination with music very deep appreciation for the work of Vangelis, I love the bands Camel and King Crimson, I like Arena, Ayreon, Dream Theater, IQ, Pendragon, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Yes and ... so long I have to mention, however, as long as the number 1 for me is Mike Oldfield.

Besides this I love Monty Python, I collect fossils, I like playing the guitar, riding a bike, playing badminton, extreme walking marathons, hiking, treking and explore the caves.

Privately I have a wife Joan and a son Julian.

All private made CDs, DVDs, and VTs was created for personal use only, not to be sold !

If you have any questions don't hasitate write to me at infernus@interia.pl

Thanks for looking.


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