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1979 Blue Peter UK: VS 317


1. Blue Peter (version with refined ending):
Available only on the UK 7" "Blue Peter / Woodhenge" with Matrix numbers VS 317 A-6 or A-7 and on the Japanese 12" "The Singles".

2. Blue Peter (ordinary version):
Published on most sources. You will find this version on all 7" singles "Blue Peter / Woodhenge" outside UK (except Sweden), and on the UK singles with matrix numbers VS 317 A-3 or A-4. This version is also available on "The Complete Mike Oldfield" and the German-only compilation "Music Wonderland".

3. Blue Peter (remix):
The most different version. It's available on the Dutch compilation "Mike Oldfield's Wonderland" and on the Swedish 7" "Blue Peter / Woodhenge". This version was also included on the CD Bootleg "Swollowed Up By A Big Fat Snake".

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