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2011 Incantations [Set of Limited Edition + Deluxe Edition]

special editions

The album was re-released by Mercury Records on 25 July 2011.
This comes as part of a deal in which Oldfield's Virgin albums were transferred to Universal's label.
Unlike the first three re-issues in the campaign, there is no surround mix of the album on the DVD, only of the five remixed edits on the 'bonus' CD. Oldfield explained during an interview for BBC Radio 6 that this was due to the original multi-track tapes for the album had either been badly deteriorated or lost over the last three decades.

Set contains limited vinyl edition numbered and signed by Mike Oldfield [number 331 / 500] and regular Deluxe Edition.


CD 1

1. "Incantations Part One" [Remastered Stereo Mix]
2. "Incantations Part Two" [Remastered Stereo Mix]
3. "Incantations Part Three" [Remastered Stereo Mix]
4. "Incantations Part Four" [Remastered Stereo Mix (with a glitch between 12:36 and 12:38)]
5. "Guilty" [7-inch Single Version]

The glitch on Part Four consists in the accidental omission of a percussive hit, causing a rythmical irregularity.
According to Universal Music, it is due to an improperly remastered edit point in the original 1977 master tapes.

CD 2

1. "Diana" [2011 Stereo Mix]
2. "Northumbrian" [2011 Stereo Mix]
3. "Piano Improvisation" [2011 Stereo Mix]
4. "Hiawatha" [2011 Stereo Mix]
5. "Canon For Two Vibraphones" [2011 Stereo Mix]
6. "William Tell Overture"
7. "Cuckoo Song"
8. "Pipe Tune"
9. "Wrekorder Wrondo"
10. "Guilty" [2011 Stereo Mix]
11. "Diana - Desiderata" [2011 Stereo Mix]

"Diana", "Hiawatha" and "Canon for Two Vibraphones" are remixed versions of excerpts from the original album;
"Northumbrian" and "Piano Improvisation" are outtakes from the album sessions;
"Guilty" is based on the original 12-inch mix of the song, but is presented here in a noticeably drier, stripped-off version,
which omits all of the reverb on the original mix;
"Diana - Desiderata" is a remix of the "Diana" excerpt including, as the title suggests, quotations from Max Ehrmann's
famous prose poem Desiderata.


1. "Diana" [5.1 Surround Sound Version]
2. "Northumbrian" [5.1 Surround Sound Version]
3. "Piano Improvisation" [5.1 Surround Sound Version]
4. "Hiawatha" [5.1 Surround Sound Version]
5. "Canon For Two Vibraphones" [5.1 Surround Sound Version]
6. "Guilty" [5.1 Surround Sound Version]
7. "William Tell Overture" [Promotional Video, 1977]
8. "Incantations Parts One & Two" [Live At Wembley Conference Centre, 1979]
9. "Incantations Parts Three & Four" [Live At Wembley Conference Centre, 1979]
10. "Guilty" [Promotional Video, 1979]


DOUBLE ALBUM VINYL EDITION (Limited, numered and signed by Mike Oldfield]

Disc 1

1. "Incantations Part One" (Remastered Stereo Mix) - 19:11
2. "Incantations Part Two" (Remastered Stereo Mix) - 19:34

Disc 2

1. "Incantations Part Three" (Remastered Stereo Mix) - 16:58
2. "Incantations Part Four" (Remastered Stereo Mix) - 16:57

The "glitch" at 12:38 on Part Four on the CD is also featured on the vinyl, because of the same faulty remaster being
used for both the CD and the vinyl release.

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