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1979 In Concert - Madrid [authored by Alberto Dominguez 2003]

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IN CONCERT - MADRID '79 [Total Time: 29:24]

1. Tubular Bells pt 1
2. Tubular Bells pt 2

Mike Oldfield (guitars)
Phil Beer (guitar, vocal)
Nico Ramsden (guitars)
Pekka Pohjola (bass guitar)
Pete Lemer (keyboards)
Tim Cross (keyboards)
Mike Frye (percussion)
Pierre Moerlen (drums, percussion)
Benoit Moerlen (percussion)
Johny "Ringo" McDonagh (bodhran)
Maddy Prior (vocals)
David Bedford (musical director)
Dick Studt (leader of orchestra)
Ray Gay (Trumpet)
Ralph Izen (Trumpet)
Simo Salminen (Trumpet)
Colin Moore (Trumpet)
Sebastian Bell (Flute)
Chris Nicholls (Flute)
Dick Studt (Violin)
Ben Cruft (Violin)
Jane Price (Violin)
Liz Edwards (Violin)
Nicola Hurton (Violin)
Jonathan Kahan (Violin)
Don McVay (Viola)
Pauline Mack (Viola)
Danny Daggers (Viola)
Melinda Daggers (Viola)
Liz Butler (Viola)
Russ Cohen (Viola)
Nigel Warren-Green (Cello)
Vanessa Park (Cello)
David Bucknall (Cello)
Jessica Ford (Cello)
Nick Worters (Bass)
Joe Kirby (Bass)
Debra Bronstein (Choir)
Marigo Acheson (Choir)
Emma Freud (Choir)
Diana Coulson (Choir)
Mary Elliott (Choir)
Mary Creed (Choir)
Cecily Hazell (Choir)
Wendy Lampitt (Choir)
Clara Harris (Choir)
Emma Smith (Choir)
Catherine Loewe (Choir)

The Concert was recorded live on April 02nd 1979 at Palacio de Los Portos in Madrid during Tour Of Europe'79.

Klassik Rock Nacht [Total Time: 18:17]

1. Orchestral Tubular Bells part 1
2. Orchestral Tubular Bells part 2
3. Fanny Planxty Power

Mike Oldfield (Guitars)
Eberhard Schoener
(leader of orchestra)
Orchester der Bayerischen Staatsoper (Orchestra)
Paddy Moloney (Uillean Pipes)
Morris Pert (Percussion)

The Concert was recorded live on December 09th 1982 at Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle in München during 3rd Rock & Classic Night

Taken from VHS Copy.

Second or further generation, but still with satisfying good pictures.

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